Railway under threat from Bus Rapid Transit

Well well well, many a month has passed since I last posted about this. There have been quite a few developments around the railway recently, when I find my phone cable I’ll upload the terrible quality pics my phone takes.

In the meantime, the route of the BHR has been under threat by the council’s Bus Rapid Transit scheme, which aimed to install a guided busway along the ‘New Cut’ (The artificial river cut through Bristol), sharing a route with the railway, and along the harbourside.

Bristol’s newly elected mayor George Ferguson is against this plan.

Mayor George Ferguson pledges shake-up of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scheme | This is Bristol

George was at the head of a scheme to preserve the last 4 of the dockside cranes back in the 1970s, so the harbourside is obviously very close to his heart.

“The council sold a series of dock cranes for scrap for the sum of £2500 in 1975. Ferguson with a number of others set up a company, City Docks Ventures, issued 30 shares at a £100 pounds and then offered the scrap merchant £3000 for buying the cranes where they stood.”

Source: Citizenship and the new Bristol mayor | Politics & Networks