GW ‘TOAD’ Brake Van

The ‘Toad’ is a ubiquitous GWR design.
Built: 1939, Swindon Works
Works Number: 17391
Type: AA21
This example has been on the BHR since the museum opened in 1978. It is used regularly on passenger trains, which are propelled by the locomotive for the journeys toward SS Great Britain and the Create Centre. The train’s guard rides on the open veranda to assist the loco crew in seeing the route ahead.
The van is especially useful on rainy days, featuring creature comforts such as a roof and a stove!

In the winter of 2017-2018, the van has been given an overhaul. The frames have been repainted, and the body has had rotten wood repaired, and a fresh coat of paint. The TOAD now sports a Bristol allocation on its side.