June 2013 update

2012 saw the double track section from the main yard to SS Great Britain Halt singled. The dock-side line has not been used for years (part of it is used for residents parking and it runs very close to Brunel’s Buttery).
In order to make the road safer for cyclists, the rails on the disused line have been infilled and the set of points at the halt have been removed for re-use elsewhere.

The new layout at SS GB Halt

A closer look at the end of the disused line

Running line on the right, cycle-friendly route on the left

Outside M Shed, this sign arrangement provides visitors with information on their surroundings. The placement has meant the track directly outside the museum is now largely out of use

Tragically, in March this year a cyclist lost control and fell into the harbour, 2 bystanders jumped in to help but he died at the scene. The man was a well known charity fundraiser, and was without his personal trainer on a route he was not familiar with, early in the morning.
This is a very unfortunate occurrence and deeply saddening. Temporary fences have been installed along the quayside outside M Shed while the debate on building permanent barriers is reviewed.
Link to news story:

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