Bristol Metrobus – Revised Plans

The Government has approved Bristol’s rapid transit Metrobus scheme, as reported by the BBC here:

Previously, the plans called for the railway line along the New Cut to be rebuilt into a combined busway and railway. This route has now been amended so that buses will use Cumberland Road, and will not run along the harbourside.
The current plans envisage a remodelling of the railway near the Create Centre to accommodate the busway as it crosses a rebuilt Ashton Avenue Bridge. The plans have the busway utilise the current railway alignment in order to join Cumberland Road on the level, with the railway being re-aligned.

Details of the plans (Including the amended route) are available on the Metrobus website:

Here is a plan of the proposed works. Please note that the revised route for the BHR is not shown, as it is yet to be decided.


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