Metrobus – Vegetation Clearance

The planned Metrobus route, formerly the line to Ashton Meadows sidings, has been tidied up.
This includes the line over Ashton Avenue Bridge (Rails are still extant on this section)
The clearance has exposed the old permanent way huts, some sleepers, and electrical boxes.

Bristol Metrobus – Revised Plans

The Government has approved Bristol’s rapid transit Metrobus scheme, as reported by the BBC here:

Previously, the plans called for the railway line along the New Cut to be rebuilt into a combined busway and railway. This route has now been amended so that buses will use Cumberland Road, and will not run along the harbourside.
The current plans envisage a remodelling of the railway near the Create Centre to accommodate the busway as it crosses a rebuilt Ashton Avenue Bridge. The plans have the busway utilise the current railway alignment in order to join Cumberland Road on the level, with the railway being re-aligned.

Details of the plans (Including the amended route) are available on the Metrobus website:

Here is a plan of the proposed works. Please note that the revised route for the BHR is not shown, as it is yet to be decided.