2012-2013 Updates

Found the phone cable and uploaded a few pics from the last six months or so.

The olive shed building has been re-roofed, which has resulted in the little goods platform around the back losing its roof (This used to be a sleeping spots for some of Bristol’s homeless population, I doubt they’ll want to rest here with no cover)





A large part of the pay and display car park has been dug up as part of an archaeological survey, and the disused warehouse at the back of the old Western Fuel Depot has had a roof cave-in (It was sagging a lot for as long as I can remember)




This may well lead to the building’s demolition sooner than expected, who knows?

As discussed here:


The GUV that stood at the SS Great Britain Halt has been sold to the WSR to be dismantled and used as spares and storage.

It was dragged out on to the quay for its last few weeks in Bristol



A few assorted pics from 2012

The line that the coal wagon is standing on has now had bollards welded to the rails to act as a pedestrian walkway (The loop line around the back of M Shed is now useless, as M Shed’s foyer has taken the place of the back doors and crossover track into the shed).


The Matthew giving tours in the harbour



Crane 30 striking an impressive pose


Henbury on-shed back in June. The area of car park where I am standing in this photo has now been completely excavated.



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