Overhauls and Maintenance

There’s plenty going on at M Shed at the moment. Henbury is in the shed being dismantled for overhaul.

If you are visiting M Shed and would like to make a donation to help Henbury steam again, there is a donation box in front of the viewing window. All donations are welcome!

The TOAD brake van, meanwhile, is outside the workshop receiving new boards and a lick of paint on the door.

Much further down the line, Ashton Avenue Bridge is inside its cocoon, being repaired for use by MetroBus.


3 thoughts on “Overhauls and Maintenance

  1. What’s the gen behind the story in the Railway Magazine that subsidence has been discovered on the Cumberland Road branch?

    • Hi Simon, I’m afraid I haven’t personally seen the article. I do know that the New Cut (the man made channel that diverts the River Avon) has always had a very large tidal reach. This causes a lot of pressure on the banks at high tide, which then disappears at low tide. M Shed volunteers and staff have been monitoring any potential subsidence on the bank over the past few years, and a temporary speed restriction has been in place in one section.
      I will update as and when I have any further information.

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