Whapping Wharf Building work update – March 2014

Work is forging ahead next door to M Shed, on the Wapping Wharf housing scheme. This includes the resurfacing of the square outside the engine shed, seen here:


The disused loop line has been cut into for drainage.


This scene is soon to change drastically, with the roadway being taken alongside the running line, to a new level crossing just out of sight.


‘Container city’ on the right.


Dismantling ‘The Barn’

A lot can change in a week! There is a hole in the sky as ‘The Barn’ is dismantled. In the current redevelopment plans, the siding on the right will be reconnected to the shed road on the left, forming a loop into the yard again. The stone setts on the right (under the telehandler) are to be replaced with an access road, which will cross both lines roughly where I am standing to take the picture. This will take traffic away from the current choke point around the front of the Olive Shed.