All change at Butterfly Junction

The track gangs (Usually a team of no more than 6 people) have been extremely busy in modifying the layout at Butterfly Junction.

This was the view today – the line through the station has been lifted, as has the loop, and the sleepers from the Ashton Meadows Spur have been recovered.

Perhaps aptly, the station information board is rather lopsided.

In the shadow of the tobacco bond warehouses, the crane lifts the last few remaining rails from the station area.

Larry the loader assists

The foreground is where the spur to Ashton Meadows used to run – this is planned to form part of the Metrobus route

Just around the corner, the new shed and yard is taking shape. Compare these photos to those taken in January, another set of points has been laid on the approach to the Barn, which is already half assembled.






Portbury Overhaul Update 6

In order to rearrange the two saddle tanks, and to get ‘Henbury’ over the inspection pit, it was necessary to do some shunting using the Ruston diesel shunter, not often seen on the line.
The Ruston itself was in the ‘Barn’, behind the line’s self-propelled crane.

The crane shunts the coal wagon back out of the way.



With a growl and a puff of smoke, the Ruston creeps out of the barn, collects the two vans (Which double up as a good way of preventing people falling into the pit), and deposits them back outside the shed before heading down to M Shed.






Dragging the two steam locos out, Portbury deposited in the siding while Henbury heads to the pit.



Henbury is pushed back into the shed first….


and Portbury basks in the sun


This week, she’s been treated to warming fires to test the boiler for any leaks. Sunday saw her courting attention on the quayside.




First Day

Well, yesterday was my first day of work on the BHR. The main task was to prep the Peckett ‘Henbury’ for the weekends work, among others!

Bristol harbour has a military visitor

I arrived to find Henburys fire lit having been dragged out of the shed.

The wagons covering the pit had to be shunted out of the way before oiling could be completed, once the loco had steam up and I ineffectually tried to clean some grease off the wheels!


Rob dropped the clinker out


All oiled up and ready to go, Rob collected the coal wagon from the middle siding and brought it back to the crossing where coal was loaded into the excavator bucket

Then brought the train forward to the crossover to load the coal into the bunker

Then a short jaunt down to the end of the line (By Ashton Swing Bridge) to collect the flat wagon of sleepers Rob and David had sorted previously in the week.

Before bringing the lot back to the yard and stashing them in the middle siding.

Henbury dragged her stablemate out of the shed to drain the water and remove a pipe.


Then I had to run off to the office! But a very enjoyable day, thanks to David, Rob, Philippa and Rodney (For the loan of boots!)