Photos from Xmas Steam-Up!

The Xmas steam up event was a success, with all tickets selling out. Rich Skuse and Zoe Robinson were among the lucky people to try their hand at driving ‘Portbury’ and the Steam Crane.

Rich has kindly allowed these photos to be reproduced here!


Helston Railway returns, and Christmas is around the corner…

It’s the first day of the Xmas Steam Up weekends tomorrow, so Portbury and the Fairbairn Steam Crane should be in action on the dockside.

This week, the lovely people from the Helston Railway in Cornwall have been back for more rail and sleepers. Here they are loading up (Photo from the Helston Railway Facebook page, click the link for more).


End of Season and Farewell

On the last day, M Shed’s waterborne fleet (Mayflower, John King and Pyronaut) went out on a cruise around the harbour, followed by all 3 and Portbury sounding off to say goodbye to a BIM/M Shed volunteer who sadly passed away this year.


Photo courtesy Rob Skuse

On the Friday before, Portbury and one of the electric cranes were used to deliver a model ship to the SS Great Britain.


Last Operating Weekend of 2014

This Saturday and Sunday are the last two days of operation on the BHR for the 2014 season, and possibly the last services to travel to Butterfly Junction in its present form before the remodelling in anticipation of the Metrobus route construction.

Come down and take a ride!

Autumn Sun (and rain!)

With just 3 operating weekends left in the season, here are a few photos from today’s workings. The weather was good for the most part, with only one trainload of passengers getting the full ‘goods’ experience during a heavy shower!

Coming off the pit with steam to spare

Coming off the pit with steam to spare


There was a march organised for Saturday evening to raise awareness for cancer on the dockside

There was a march organised for Saturday evening to raise awareness for cancer on the dockside

Ominous clouds

Ominous clouds

Newly-repainted Thekla in the distance

Newly-repainted Thekla in the distance


Raising steam at M Shed


The day’s work done


Note the new sleepers installed when this section of track was relaid

Coaling up

Coaling up


Larry empties the last of the coal into 34’s bunker

Creeping back to the shed

Creeping back to the shed

Ready for another day

Ready for another day


Here’s a bonus .gif of Portbury heading to the shed after a hard day’s work.

Docks Heritage Weekend 2014 – Photos and Video

Plenty of action on the dockside. 3 cranes in operation, along with the electric capstan shunting wagons. Actors from Show of Strength Theatre Company in character, loading demos, the Bristol Lorry, Portbury in Steam, and rides on tugboat John King to boot!


Here’s a video of the electric capstan winch shunting demonstration:

Click here to see the Bristol Post article of the event